Wallingford Castle Archers

Tournament prospectus

Novice and Junior Long Metrics 2022, held on 14th May 2022.


WRS Long Metric II (60m/50m)
WRS Long Metric III (50m/40m)
WRS Long Metric IV (40m/30m)
WRS Long Metric V (30m/20m)
WRS Long Metric VI (20m/10m, unofficial)

Event Format

UKRS Long Metric rounds to be shot in accordance with Archery GB Rules of Shooting. Arrows will be shot in ends of 6 arrows in 4 minutes. There will be four archers per target, shooting in two details.


Chris Charlesworth (chair), Tony Harris, Declan Ashworth, Kate Kelly


For juniors, Awards will be made for archers shooting one distance shorter than their full distance. Novices, being those who started archery no earlier than 1st April 2021, will be awarded based on the Long Metric IV. Other adult archers may enter whichever distances they choose, but will not be awarded.

Tournament Organiser

Marc Tamlyn & Andrew Buchan


Dress code is according to the AGB Rules of Shooting

Drug testing

Archers competing at record status tournaments may be liable to drug testing. Competitors who are approached to give samples must comply. Non-compliance will be treated as a positive result. Parents/Guardians must check the relevant box on the entry form giving consent for junior archers (under 18s) to be drug tested if approached.

Important information


Registration opens 12:30pm. ArcheryGB cards or e-cards will be required.

Assembly at 1pm followed by 3 ends of practice and the round.


The tournament will take place at our outdoor venue at Wallingford Sports Park, Wallingford OX10 9RB. The shooting field is the northern field, please follow the track past the buildings to the car park, and follow directions from parking attendants.


No catering is planned during this event, but the bar will be open afterwards for results.


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