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Junior archery

Junior archers

Wallingford Castle Archers are proud to be the largest junior club in Oxfordshire, and pride ourselves on our family friendly atmosphere. As a Young People specialist club, we aim to provide structured environments suitable to young archers aged 6-18, with plenty opportunities to progress their skills, compete, and enjoy their archery.

Junior archers aged 11-18

Young people attending secondary school form our junior club. We have a dedicated weekly session for archers of this age, covering novices up to archers competing at national level. Junior members are also able to shoot at other club sessions, although parental supervision is required for some sessions. We have many family groups who shoot together.

Junior members of Wallingford Castle Archers are encouraged to gain competitive experience, through our membership of the Castle Junior Archery League, Perris Indoor League, and other local competitions. Our coaching team are also heavily involved with the county junior development squad.

To get started in archery, archers of this age should attend a beginners course first.

Minis - ages 6-11

Young people of primary school age form our minis club. We meet on a Sunday mornings in term time, and also put on additional sessions over the summer holidays. All sessions are structured and led by qualified coaches specialising in young people. We run two sessions of 45 minutes and each session is split into groups based on age and ability. Minis sessions are bookable on a term by term basis, and carry a charge of £6 per session for non-members and £3 per session for members.

Minis wishing to start archery can book their first term as non-members. For insurance reasons, once you have attended a certain number of hours (usually one term) you must join as a member of the club, which includes membership of ArcheryGB.

The intense nature of beginners courses makes them unsuitable for our youngest archers, and they take longer to progress to independent proficiency in core skills such as range safety, set up, warm ups and core technique. The environment of open sessions can also prove distracting and disruptive for young children. As such, juniors under year 5 may only attend minis sessions and occasional other events as organised by the club. Once archers are in year 5 or 6, and have achieved their World Archery White Arrow beginners award, they may also attend junior sessions and open sessions with parental supervision. We've found this can be a great way for members in year 6 to prepare for secondary school.

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Register interest in a trial term of minis. Those archers already shooting regularly should join as members.

Unforunately we are not currently taking on beginners of primary school age, as we find they need close coaching support when first starting which we can't manage under social distancing.

If you are interested in taking part in the minis club in the future, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch once we are able to get started again.

No experience is necessary!